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As a product owner your live revolves around ‘As a’

October 31, 2012


It is the start of almost every story you deliver to your team. A story that is build up out of, most of the time, a single sentence. The single sentence that forces the reader to impersonate themselves into the role of a user, administrator or any other person that uses the application. The power of those two words in enormous.

Three letters puts the reader of the story instantly in the ‘imagine’ mode. So a developer is forced to think as a user or administrator when he/she pick up the story. It sound trivial, but it is the essence of successful development. Everybody should have the customer or user in mind. Those two words are forcing developers to do this

So it is not only the Story you write that starts with these 2 magical words. It is far more. You are constantly utilizing the imagination of yourself and your stakeholders to drive the product further.

You, the Product Owner, you should be able to view your product as a user. You should be able to view your product as a customer and you should be able to view your product as a Developer. It is the core attitude and talent you need as a product owner. The ability to look at you product from different angles and see the benefits and hurdles for the different stakeholders.


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