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Help, we have created a monster!

October 30, 2012
When a child is born, as a parent you are proud beyond anything. You nurture and teach your child to become a better parent then you are. But there is a chance that your kid will grow into a direction you actually despise.
Scrum is showing signs of a development like that. Full of proud it was placed in this world by Jeff, Ken and the others, raised with beautiful principles (the manifesto), but at a point it decided to go its own way. This week I ran into two symptoms of this:
1. A company offering consultancy for top down implementation of Scrum
2. A company offering Story writing course
Both are, in my belief, the opposite of the essence of scrum. Scrum comes from within an organisation and cannot be dictated. To stay close to the metaphor, it is like a man deciding that his wife should become pregnant… he can decide whatever he wants.. but she calls the shot on this one! Top down.. how do they see that? A detailed waterfall plan for implementation of scrum with toll gates and time lines?Writing stories, while the base principle is communication over documentation. This is how all the beautiful documentation standards of waterfall based developments started. I see myself ending up in countless meetings about documentation standards of stories. That idea should scare you enough and does not need any more details or ridiculing metaphor.

Stay agile and don’t buy this! 🙂


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